A Life Well Lived { Baton Rouge Photographer }

A Life Well Lived { Baton Rouge Photographer }

My great grandmother – Mima, as we called her – wore aprons every day.  The only place she didn’t wear them was church, but you can bet one would be put on as soon as she arrived home. After all, there was work to be done.

Over Thanksgiving 2013, my family and I gathered the aprons we took from her house after she passed, pressed them, then put them on a dress form to photograph. All totaled, there were 61 aprons, 6 handkerchiefs, 4 bonnets, and one safety pin (she would pin her hankies inside her aprons to keep them close) that we photographed that day. My mother commented, “How many man hours of work do you think these aprons represent?”  Hard work was part of Mima’s every day life – she was a single mother, and she worked tirelessly to provide for her family and others.

I lived next door to her as a child, and the love she had for God and His every creature on this earth was apparent in every action she took. She embodied the spirit of the virtuous woman written about in Proverbs 31.

My Mima constantly gave of herself to others. Before arthritis got the better of her hands, she dedicated thousands of hours to refurbishing dolls to give to needy children. She believed that every little child needed a doll to love. (She would have taken great delight in my own daughter, who is a doll lover through and through.)
Not only did she spend time making dolls, but she cooked for the sick, took time to call upon those that needed help. Even those that other might deem “undeserving” of her help. Mima saw the good in everyone. And even if she couldn’t see the good very easily, she would continue to give anyway, and earnestly pray for that person to find the right path.

She wasn’t a fancy lady and she didn’t keep a lot of expensive things around the house. What she didn’t give, she saved. Having grown up during the Great Depression, she knew how to live simply.

Her greatest source of joy was her family. She had one son, my grandfather. He had four children, my mother and her brothers. And our family continues to grow. She would be pleased with the newest members. On numerous occasions, I remember her saying that “Children are a blessing.”

In 2008, during an evacuation from a hurricane, my Mima, her sister and brother-in-law, and their daughter and son-in-law, were struck head on by an intoxicated driver. After the accident, the first person my Mima asked about was “that little guy in the truck.” Then, she began to pray for Jesus to take her home to heaven.

 And He did. One September evening a few weeks after the accident, in her quiet way, she went. My precious Mima was gone. She followed my Great Uncle Tommy by just under two weeks, as the injuries he sustained were grave as well.
When we talk about being a good person, we always come back to her. I know one day I’ll see her again.

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