Arts and Education from Yours Truly | Baton Rouge Photographer

Arts and Education from Yours Truly | Baton Rouge Photographer

Teaching is a big part of my identity. Though I’m not in a formal classroom any longer, I still teach. I get messages weekly about learning the art of photography, and I am happy and proud to share my gifts.

I began working with LA Arts last year to teach photography. I’ve taught a few workshops to adults, and recently did a camp with a group of middle and high-schoolers that just blew me away.

I want to share with you some photos I took OF the kiddos, as well as some of the work the kids did because I am so proud of all they were able to accomplish in three days together.

When they began, they were using their cameras in “auto.” By the end of our time together, each one of them was closer to mastery of manual mode, and better able to tell a story with their images.

(Psst! If you think your young shutterbug may be interested in learning about photography, there are links below to register! Also, we’ll host more workshops for adults this fall and next spring.)


photo by Jennifer Esneault

Part of our time together was spent finding things to practice photographing. We would take quick jaunts outside (July in Louisiana is an awful kind of heat) and photograph each other, flowers, plants, street signs, bugs, and more.


photo by Jennifer Esneault

We used our time outside to practice specific techniques as well. We worked on shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. We worked on composition and perspective. And they did such a glorious job.

Beyond learning the technicalities of photography, we learned how photos are storytelling tools. We live in a visual culture. So on their last night, I gave an assignment – a photo essay. ;)  They took some awesome photos and told some great stories. I started a blog to share student work through LA Arts. Visit the link to see all of their best images: LA Arts Photo Blog.

photo by Faith M.
photo by Emma B.
photo by Christian
photo by Gabrielle S.
photo by Vincent L.

There is one more photography camp at the end of this month at LA Arts, which I’m looking forward to – if it’s anything like this one, it will be amazing! For more information, you can register HERE. 

This fall, through LA Arts, I will also be teaching a weekly photo essay/photojournalism course. Not only will technical skills be taught and mastered, but the art of writing a caption and storytelling will be a big focus as well. We hope to publish a magazine with the essays at the end of each semester. :) To register for the fall course, register HERE.