Bring On the Night | Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

Bring On the Night | Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

Shooting portraits can be challenging, and nighttime sessions bring a whole new set of challenges with them. I got a chance to go out with one of my 2017 models, Mackenzie, and shoot a session after dark.

Our outdoor evening adventure was featured in We Are The SEEN’s Master Series, and we were pumped. :)


There’s no doubt that people love vintage. Vintage clothes, accessories, furniture. It’s everywhere we look. There are tons of articles on why people love the vintage vibe, but I have my own theory. We love vintage because it makes us feel connected to another time and another place. We feel nostalgic, like happiness and sadness and memories hitting us all at once, cleansing us in a wave of emotions.

Vintage is more than just a style. It’s a way of expressing one’s self. It’s an attitude. It’s a plaid jumpsuit on a humid night, and all the possibilities in front of you.
More than just digital, I really love to catch a vintage vibe with film, and instant is a great way to round out a shoot while still focusing on the light and composition. And, you know, seeing a photo develop in front of your eyes is just cool to watch.
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