Client Lounge: Things to Consider When Hiring Your Photographer | Baton Rouge Photographer

Client Lounge: Things to Consider When Hiring Your Photographer | Baton Rouge Photographer

Ninety-nine percent of my potential client inquiries read like this:

"How much is a photo session?"
“How much is a photo session?”

“Hi, how much is a photo session with you? Thanks.”

Budgeting for a custom portrait session is important, but I never like to answer this question right up front. Why? Because it’s *custom.* It’s hard for me to answer the “how much” question before we’ve talked about what it is that YOU want. Too many times, photographers are compared by price, but there are more facets to the services photographers provide.

If you’re looking for a photographer that provides a cheap, one-size-fits-all service, I’m sad to say I’m not your girl. Before you head out to the next link in your search, I want to give you some things to consider when you’re looking for a photographer to capture your best self.

Do you like their style?

Do you like the photographs this artist takes? Some photographers do a lot of creative editing, while others do a more clean and classic portrait. There are many styles out there, and not every photographer can do every kind of style. If you want them to take photos that don’t fit with the style they show on their site and portfolio, this photographer may not be the best fit for you.

Baton Rouge Family on a bench in a natural light outdoor portrait
Some photographers do creative edits, and some do more clean edits. Some can do both! Look at the style to see if you like it.

Do you like the products they offer?

Modern photographers offer lots of different and amazing products. Some offer only digital photographs, some only sell prints and products, and some (like me) offer a combination of the two. Have a look at some of the products they offer and decide what’s best for you.

Storyboards, albums, and memory boxes by Jennifer Esneault Photography
A small sampling of some of the products offered by Jennifer Esneault Photography.

Do you like the photographer?

Working with someone you actually LIKE is way easier than working with someone you dislike. When you like your photographer, the session flows smoothly and feels more natural. Working with someone you don’t like can put up a barrier to genuinely great portraits of you and your family.

Backlit child ballerina portrait in baton rouge natural light studio.
This little girl and I have developed a relationship over the course of three years, and she asks for me by name when it’s time for dance portraits. We end up with gems like this one.

Are they responsive to your needs and wants?

These photographs are of you. It’s important that you get what you want from your session. Photographers that respond to those needs and wants create a truly custom portrait session that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Senior girl in baton rouge field wearing Free People dress
A photographer that responds to your wants can give you amazing portraits because they truly want to know what you like and desire.

How big is your budget?

If you’ve found that a photographer is a good fit for you in the above areas, the “how much” question becomes much easier to cover because we truly know what you want and need and can give you an accurate estimate. Consider how much you’d like to spend and see what you are able to get with your budget.


What other questions do you have when hiring a photographer? Post them in the comments and I will happily answer the thought process on this side of the camera. ;)