Jordan, Class of 2016 | Louisiana Senior Portraits

Jordan, Class of 2016 | Louisiana Senior Portraits

I truly wish that more young men would have a full senior portrait session. Guys’ sessions are among my favorite to shoot and this was no exception. I even have a VERY interesting story about one photo in particular…

When I first met Jordan and his mom for the consultation, I asked him what makes him “him.”┬áHis response let me know that confidence is not something he is short of… :) This guy is a world-class talker, and I have a pretty good idea that he will be able to do whatever he sets his mind to. Right, mom? ;)

The session went really well all over the Capitol area of downtown Baton Rouge. I’ve shot sessions in this area dozens of times, but this was the first time I’d been back there in months. And it is one of my most memorable now because of ONE photo.

This photo was taken at the Pentagon Barracks in downtown Baton Rouge. I’ve taken several photos here before, but had never ventured in and up the stairs on the interior side. We walked up and took note of the surroundings, and I made sure that no one was standing in the frame besides Jordan… It’s much harder to take someone out of the picture later. After taking stock, I saw that Jordan, his mom and I were alone and no one would walk through my frame. As I photographed him, his mom commented that it felt like we were being watched from within the windows of the old barracks building.

We didn’t stay long. The old smell was bothering my nostrils and I was certain I’d gotten the good “stoic” look I was going for. We finished up his session and I came home to upload the photos to my computer and choose a sneak peek. That’s when I saw it.

Take a close look at the very left hand side of the frame. That shadowy figure? It appears in no other images from that session, only this one.

Some research reveals that there are tales of a “shadow man” at the Pentagon Barracks.

Oh. My. Word.

Creepy enough for you? I doubt I’ll shoot there again anytime soon. I’m not trying to make you believe in ghosts or spirits and I have no intentions of investigating this further, but this entire incident makes the hair on my whole body stand on end.

Of course, his whole session was fantastic. A photogenic and handsome young man makes my work much easier. But I like the ones *without* the shadow man. ;)

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  1. Wow! Jennifer is my childhood best friend. I saw the shadowy figure before you even mentioned it. Very cool. And what a handsome young man!

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