Jumprope Superstar | Baton Rouge Editorial Photographer

Jumprope Superstar | Baton Rouge Editorial Photographer

Katy Caughman has been jumping rope since she was a fourth grader. She does so competitively, and shares with me how it has impacted her life.

Name: Katy C.

Age: 20

JE:  When did you first start jumping rope? 

KC:  I started when I was in the 4th grade, which means I am completing my 10th year in the sport this year.

JE: How often do you practice? 

KC:  Depending on the time of year, we practice anywhere between 2 to 4/5 times a week. If it’s the beginning of a new season we normally only practice once or twice a week, but closer to competition (the spring semester normally) we start practicing more often.

JE: How do they judge a jump rope competition? 

KC:  Judging for speed/power events is easier to explain, so I’ll start with that. Speed is basically jumping from one foot to the other as fast as you can for a se t amount of time (between 30 seconds in a minute) the way judging works for this is you have 3-5 judges and they all count every time the jumpers foot hits the ground.

Freestyle is more complicated. You basically are trying to as many skills with as much difficultly as possible in a minute and 15 seconds. You’re judged on how difficult your tricks are, how well you string them together, and how well you present yourself during this.
JE: Tell me about your awards as a competitive jump roper. 
KC: I’ve placed in lots of events over my 10 years. Most recently, me and my wheel partner placed 4th in our age division at last summer’s competition.
JE: What is the biggest way it has impacted your life? 
KC:  Jumprope has influenced my life in so many ways, it’s hard to quantify them all. The community is so unlike any other competitive sport because it is so small and therefore tight knit. I have friends in the sport from other teams that I have know as long as I’ve been jumping, and most of them are people I compete against. That’s not a very common thing in other sports, but jumprope has given me such a family to rely on.Jumprope has also taught me how to be a good leader and teacher. I’ve had to learn how to explain things to people of a variety of age groups, how to lead sessions, and most importantly how to lead by example. Our coach always emphasizes christ-like attitudes when leading or teaching, which is something that has affected every part of my life.

A practical application of jumprope is that I have learned to be a good traveler. We travel a good amount for the sport, and I have learned many life skills from that as well!

JE: What would you tell someone who may be interested in competitive jumprope and wants to learn more?

KC:  To come watch! Our competitions are usually live-streamed, and if you reach out to a local team most of them have open gym time that you could certainly go participate in.


For more info, check out USA Jump Rope’s website!