Masque | Baton Rouge Photographer

Masque | Baton Rouge Photographer

Mardi Gras is a rich tradition here in Louisiana, and dates back a few centuries. Before there were parades and “throws,” there was the masquerade ball for Mardi Gras. Grand celebrations to wrap up the season, which begins on King’s Day (The Epiphany, January 6) and ends on Mardi Gras Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday), the day before Ash Wednesday.

To commemorate this Mardi Gras, model Aja and I got together to create chic looks for a celebration.

First is a classic gold sequin cocktail dress, paired with black stiletto pumps and a mask with black, gold, and white elements. These colors are often associated with New Orleans – especially the Saints!

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Next is a modern geometric cocktail dress, with purple and silver accents. Coupled with the laser-cut mask, this look is a show-stopper.



Finally, a more elegant and creative look. This “gown” is made up of silver lining and lace overlay, and fitted specifically to Aja for this portrait. The asymmetrical mask with silver lace overlay makes for a really striking look.



Classic looks are always my favorite, standing the test of time year after year. Visit me on the Jennifer Esneault Photography Facebook page to share your Mardi Gras looks. :)


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