“One Bad Apple” | Baton Rouge Fine Art Photographer

“One Bad Apple” | Baton Rouge Fine Art Photographer

My daughter is five and she’s fully immersed in all-things-Princess. We watch the Disney movies, we read the original stories, we read adaptations, we play princess dolls, we play pretend. There are a lot of royal capers going on in this house. ;)

Having read these stories and played these parts so many times, I find myself comparing my own life to those of the princesses. Sometimes, my imagination can run away with me.  So, being artistically inclined, I make myself into these characters.

For your viewing pleasure, here is “One Bad Apple,” inspired by Snow White and her ill-fated encounter with a piece of fruit.

fine art portrait interpretation of snow white and the apple by baton rouge photographer
“One Bad Apple” – Fine Art Photography by Jennifer Esneault Photography


I think I’ll stick to oranges.