Possibility { Baton Rouge Photography }

Possibility { Baton Rouge Photography }

The weather today is unusual for Louisiana in November. Usually, it’s a balmy 65 degrees and sunny. Imagine my surprise to wake to temps down in the 30s! As I bundled myself up into my favorite flannel shirt and donned a cute crocheted headband to cover my ears, I began to get really giddy. Even the ‘spirited’ discussion I had with my daughter over whether she should wear pants or a dress to school was filled with a playfulness that the summer heat squelches. With winter there come so many possibilities for connection and re-connection, and I thought about what that means for me, for you, and the world. :)

Winter is a chance to get together with friends – old and new. When we gather to give thanks and appreciate the things we have. It is the possibility of cuddling with my significant other under a blanket near a warm and welcoming fireplace. Chances to see the light in my children’s eyes as they discover everything that is magical about the world and our holiday traditions.

I’ve always thought of myself as a traveler on a journey. I’ve taken so many turns in my life that there have been times I wondered if I’d ever settle down. It would be crazy easy for me to get bogged down in the muddy parts of my path. But every turn I have taken has brought me here, now. I can see that, in front of me, is an open field. Each direction, each choice, leads me to new experiences and a chance at connecting. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Connection to those we cherish.

When I pick up my camera, it’s a possibility to illustrate that precious connection. When my subject looks into my lens and I press the shutter, I have caught that moment that we – my subject and I – are connected. Being able to show them their own amazingness is such a rush for me! I feel like I spark something within when I reflect that to my clients, family, and friends.

As I contemplated all of this over my coffee, I realized that this giddy feeling of excitement I have is the complete opposite of worry. I wasn’t stressed. I was happy: happy in the possibility of today, and the liberation of letting go of fear.

I am thrilled at the possibility of YOU. :)




I'm unsure who to attribute this quote to, but I love it.
I’m unsure who to attribute this quote to, but I love it.

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  1. Jennifer, beautiful heart warming post about a season I don’t give enough appreciation to. Thanks for writing!
    Feel good blogger, Mariah :)

  2. This was so lovely and refreshingly intimate to read. You have such a wonderful perspective, Jennifer.. and truly gifted in portraying the lovely marriage of your what your mind’s eye sees with the subject behind your lens. Congrats fellow FGB:)

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