Sometimes the best camera is the one you already have

Sometimes the best camera is the one you already have

I’m often asked what kind of camera I use. In my pro bag, I have a Nikon D750 and several prime lenses that make up what I use the majority of the time. I have a trusty Nikon D3100 and a 70-300mm lens that I use to photograph my kids’ sports and such.

But that’s only what I use when I’ve packed my bag and have it with me. That’s not all the time (because those suckers are heavy!). Most snapshots I take of my kids and our lives is my iPhone.  While smartphone cameras aren’t a replacement for a professional portrait, they can help you capture your everyday memories for future generations to enjoy. (But you gotta print ’em! Keep reading for that!)

Smartphone cameras are crazy good these days, and if I see something I want to remember, I photograph it. So, I wanted to share with you some photos I’ve taken with my phone camera and the apps and tools I use to edit and share them. :)



It’s not a secret I’m a sunset junkie. Something about the warmth of the light at the end of the day. Delicious. Sunrise is awesome too. I may do a post with all my sunsets and sunrises and interesting skies just to show how much space they take up in my camera roll. I didn’t edit this one other than to crop it and straighten the horizon line.


The Dog

He’s a crazy little black and white Chinese Crested Powderpuff, and I love to get moody photos of him being calm. Of course, in this photo, he was on alert because someone dared to walk down the sidewalk on the other side of the street across from our house. The threats are real, you know.

I edited this with the VSCO app, using a black and white conversion and a contrast boost.


Kids on the Swing

Processed with VSCO with 7 preset
Processed with VSCO with 7 preset

My kids move so fast. Fast shutter speeds are necessary. On this phone, I can’t really control the shutter, so I use burst mode, allowing the camera to take several photos in a row, then choosing the best ones. The sun was shining brightly behind them, giving a nice flare, and they look very happy. Edited with a VSCO film preset.


Marble Lens

This tiny glass marble caught my eye one afternoon, and I needed to take its photo then and there. It was simply too cool in my opinion.


I take hundreds of photos of my family and our lives each year, so at the end of the year, I compile a family yearbook. We include photos my husband takes with his phone, my iPhone shots, and any that I took of the kids with my Nikon. We have years of treasured memories on our shelves that we regularly take down and admire. Dozens of services are out there that get photos off of your phones and into your hands in print.


I share this with all of you because – while digital photos and fast sharing are nice – you should print your photos for posterity. It’s very different to look at a printed image versus one on a backlit screen. It’s also one reason that I include prints in my collections for clients – a photograph on paper is a tangible way to remember a specific moment in time.

Print your photos!