Wearing Confidence Like a Pro | Baton Rouge Photographer

Wearing Confidence Like a Pro | Baton Rouge Photographer

I had the amazing opportunity to work with The Purple Rack Boutique and Kiss & Make Up Studio in Prairieville, Louisiana, to create a spring look book for women! It’s fun to get together with other driven professionals and create something full of gorgeous looks and great info!

For my part, I wanted to talk to ladies about wearing their CONFIDENCE like an accessory – talking the talk and walking the walk!

Wearing Confidence Like a Pro

When I photograph a client, I want to show them at their very best. Here’s my best advice to be confident in your photos – from selfies to pro portraits.

Smile! With your mouth AND your eyes. ;) A real smile causes your brain to release the same endorphins that exercise can! Science win!

Wear clothing that brings out the best in you. Everyone has that one outfit (or outfits!) that makes them feel amazing – something comfortable, beautiful, and interesting.

Treat yourself with a pro hair and makeup appointment before pro portraits. Not only will it give you a “flawless” look, but it will make you feel special.

Get yourself a cheering section. Bring a friend or family member that encourages you and makes you feel good about yourself. You’ll be able to feel that encouragement in all your photos and carry it with you in the future. :)


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