What’s New for Jennifer Esneault Photography

What’s New for Jennifer Esneault Photography

Hello, friends!

My blog and website have been extremely quiet in the past few months. That’s partly because I have been very busy with senior sessions, I’ve been chasing my own kids around, and traveling with family.

It’s also partly because I’m beginning to concentrate more time on creating conceptual and fine artworks, as well as making changes to my business plan and procedures.

So I wanted to take a moment to share with you all how this will change my business going forward and how I hope to create a bigger impact with my work.

Limited Portrait Sessions

I will limit the number of portrait sessions I take on in a month. While my business has always been more boutique – so that I may focus on individual client needs instead of mass-producing work – I will control the number of sessions even more. I’ve always had trouble saying “No” when people come and ask for me to do their portraits, so I end up shooting a ton and burning out. For my own sake and the sake of the work I produce, this is a necessary step.

Don’t worry if you’ve already got a session booked with me. We will work together as planned through the end of April.

VIP/Rep Program Changing

The past several years, I have run a successful and fun VIP/Model/Senior Rep program that has brought some amazing young people for me to photograph and know. I learn from running this program every year, and each year I make adjustments to better fit the market and my business plan.

With the changes to my portrait sessions and other endeavors, a bigger change to the VIP program is necessary this year.

Instead of signing an agreement and making requirements, I’m creating an “early bird” Trendsetter VIP Program. Graduating seniors who want to work with me on creative sessions in the summer (like underwater portraits or body paint or conceptual work), will be able to do so by booking their senior portrait session “early” – before May 1 at the end of their junior year. Some additional benefits of the Trendsetter spots are:

– First choice at senior session dates
– Exclusive participation in creative summer sessions
– No contract outside of your senior portrait agreement

These Trendsetter VIP spots will be exclusive and limited, and registration will open on February 1, 2019! Those interested in the program should contact me.

More Conceptual Artwork

I am already creating more conceptual artwork for my portfolio, for gallery exhibitions, and for licensing. Many of you noticed last year that I had artwork accepted into numerous shows, and that isn’t slowing down. Currently, I’m exhibiting three pieces in Moving Lab Venice’s (as in Venice, Italy) WAV Audio/Visual show, and another piece at Indiana University’s “Perturbation” show.

Aside from exhibitions and licensing, I hope to take on more conceptual and fine art portrait commissions from clients and private collectors.

Creating this art takes a lot of time, and I definitely want to commit more time to do that. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you will see more of these pieces shared.

Teaching & Mentoring

If you’ve known me a long time, you know I was a teacher of middle schoolers for a while. There are parts of it I miss, and parts of it I was glad to leave behind. Helping others learn is a big part of who I am, and it’s a reason I’m adding teaching to the studio repertoire.

I get lots of questions from beginning photographers on how to get started shooting portraits or how to use their camera to its full potential. Backdrop and prop creation, underwater portraits, and loads of other questions come in as well. So, I plan to do a few things to move forward with adding an educational arm of the business.

  • Create a blog/YouTube series to show photographers resources they can use to grow in their craft.
  • Review portfolios and websites to guide others in best practices to attract their ideal clients.
  • Host small workshops (in-person and online) where there can be community and growth.
  • Point photographers to the experts in some photo specialties, legal, business, and money management – those big things for which I’m not an aficionado.

So there it is – the big plan for Jennifer Esneault Photography moving forward from here.

Thank you for being on this crazy journey of creation with me. I appreciate every ounce of support you provide, and your kind words feed my artist’s heart and soul.