The Year of Lessons – 2016 | Baton Rouge Photographer

2016 has been one of those years filled with events – some we cherish, some we’d like to forget. Through it all, we learn more about each other and ourselves.

This year, I faced a lot of challenges as a business owner – learning from them as I failed or succeeded. I also challenged myself and tested the limits of my art, experimenting with compositing, conceptual portraiture, and underwater photography.

As a community, we stood together in the face of tragedy. Violence this summer divided us and gave us a look at the fears and prejudices we carry. Historic rainfall and flooding showed us what matters most, and our humanity shined through. LSU lost Mike the Tiger.

The world is changed, too, for many reasons. Not only the face of our nation, but for Pete’s sake, PRINCE died this year. And BOWIE. And SNAPE (Alan Rickman). That right there was enough to send me into an emotional tailspin.

Most of us are looking forward to 2017 with apprehension, but hopeful that a higher power is in control and ready to lead us forward in ways we can’t yet understand.

For now, I will learn my lessons and record them in my memory. I will continue to challenge myself as an artist, and as a human being. I will love.

Here’s to 2016.